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Facilitate & Inspire Student Learning & Creativity

Teachers use their knowledge of subject matter, teaching & learning, & technology to facilitate experiences that advance student learning, creativity, & innovation in both face-to-face & virtual environments.



a.  promote, support, & model creative & innovative thinking & inventiveness.
b.  engage students in exploring real-world issues & solving authentic problems using digital tools & resources.
c.  promote student reflection using collaborative tools to reveal & clarify students' conceptual understanding & thinking, planning & creative processes.
d.  model collaborative knowledge construction by engaging in learning with students, colleagues, & others in face-to-face & virtual environments.
1a.  Digital Story Model
1a. I created this digital story & educator resource using a variety of tools to help model problem solving & artistic expression while engaging in photo analysis & the building of historical concepts.
1a.  Student Photos & Aurasma
1a. During the 2013-2014 school year, I taught 6th grade students how to use the Augmented Reality app Aurasma and a variety of photo editing tools as forms of personal expression.
1a.  Six-Word Stories by Students
1a. During the 2013-2014 school year, I taught fifth grade students how to create videos using their own six-word stories, word clouds, and Google Drawings.
1b.  Historical Inquiry Project
1b. I created this interdisciplinary unit, "How Was Justice Served in the Case of Mary Surratt?" to help middle and high school students reflect upon their Constitutional rights, while viewing a contemporary problem from the lens of a historian.
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