Standard 3:



Model Digital-Age Work & Learning  


a.  demonstrate fluency in technology systems & the transfer of current knowledge to new technologies & situations.

Teachers exhibit knowledge, skills, & work processes representative of an innovative professional in a global & digital society.



b.  collaborate with students, peers, parents, & community members using digital tools & resources.
c.  communicate relevant information & ideas effectively to students, parents, & peers using a variety of digital-age media & formats.
d.  model & facilitate effective use of current & emerging digital tools to locate, analyze, evaluate, & use information resources to support research & learning.
3a.  Online Instruction
3a. I enjoy creating and sharing instructional videos about new tools, as I discover and explore them. I created this one at the request of the Connected Learning MOOC #CLMOOC in the summer of 2015.
3a.  Literacy, Craft, & Coding
3a. I've been working with educators & students to integrate crafting and coding into the writing process with paper circuitry through a process called notebook hacking.
3a. Interactive Bulletin Board
3a. I've used (and invited students to use) ThingLink to create interactive bulletin boards linked to content to demonstrate understanding.
3a.  More Online Instruction
3a. I created this soldering tutorial after receiving several requests from people who follow my maker blog. Art & writing teachers are increasingly using soldering in their classrooms.
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