Standard 4:  



Promote & model digital citizenship & responsibility  


Teachers understand local & global societal issues & responsibilities in an evolving digital culture & exhibit legal & ethical behaviour in their professional practices.



a.  Advocate, model, & teach safe, legal, & ethical use of digital information & technology, including respect for copyright, intellectual property, & the appropriate documentation of sources.
b.  Address the diverse needs of all learners by using learner-centered strategies providing equiable access to appropriate digital tools.
c.  Promote & model digital etiquette & responsible social interactions related to the use of technology & information.
d.  Develop & model cultural understanding & global awareness by engaging with colleagues & students of other cultures using digital age communication & collaboration tools.

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4a.  Teaches Creative Commons
4a. In addition to teaching my school-age students about copyright, fair use, and copyright, I presented on the topic at Dynamic Landscapes in May of 2015.
4a.  Curator for Creative Commons
4a. I've been curating & sharing tools for Creative Commons in education for several years.
4b. Practices Universal Design
4b. I've been applying the practices of Universal Design for Learning in my video production & web design. This is a video I created to teach others about best practices of UDL; I've added a transcript of the script to it.
4b.  An Advocate for Equity
4b. I created a full-length, research-based infographic investigating the impact of the maker movement upon girls in the STEM field. In the process, I've been an advocate for bringing more making into classrooms to increase equity for all students.
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